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Trove Music Series Phoenix

D. Gaultier Suite III


Denis Gaultier

Transcribed for guitar by Mark Viggiani

Level: Intermediate

Series Phoenix TMV 014

ISMN 9790720203133

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Gaultier Suite III Image.jpg

Additional Info

Denis Gaultier, along with his older cousin Ennemond, is emblematic of the style of lute music which flourished in mid-17th century France. This suite is taken from the collection La Rhétorique des Dieux (1652), a compendium of the cream of this repertoire, assembled into short suites according to tonality. Many of the pieces bear evocative titles, referencing classical mythology. This selection contrasts a melancholy Tombeau with French dances in triple meter including a courante and double. Notes on interpretation and ornamentation are supplied.


Movements: Tombeau de mlle Gaultier, Rondeau, Mars Superbe, Cléopatre amante et double, Sarabande.