Zamboni ninth Sonata Image.jpg
Trove Music Series Phoenix

Zamboni Ninth Sonata


Giovanni Zamboni Romano

Transcribed for guitar by Mark Viggiani

Level: Intermediate

Series Phoenix TMV 017

ISMN 9790720203164

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Zamboni ninth Sonata Image.jpg

Additional Info

This suite of five movements comes from the twilight of the lute’s popularity in early 18th century Italy. Zamboni’s style is reminiscent of Corelli’s sonatas, but is also influenced by French lute music. This suite translates easily to the guitar, as the composer uses the lute’s low bass strings sparsely. The textures are clean, with a simple bass accompanying a lyrical and Italianate melody.  There is also a robust folk character to his music – his gigues often sound like tarantellas. A rewarding addition to the available repertoire from this period. Complete with performance notes.

Movements: Preludio, Alemanda, Giga, Sarabanda Largo, Gavotta.