Welcome to Trove Music

-Announcing the opening of my online store, where you can download digitized scores of classical guitar music, both new and rediscovered. I'm beginning by publishing a newly-typeset edition of my *famous* duet Black Cat Tango and some of my solo pieces, most of which I and others have enjoyed performing for many years.

I am also releasing Music for Guitar Books 1 and 2 -  two volumes of arrangements for students, solo and duo. These include simple ensemble reworkings of music by guitarists including Sor and Coste, introducing their music to students at the very beginning of their musical journey. There are also arrangements of great pieces by non-guitarists including Debussy, Bartok, J.S. Bach, Mahler, and many others.

Additionally, I am dusting off and bringing to light some of the best pieces from my archive of transcriptions. I have been digging around in 16th and 17th century guitar and lute manuscripts for years, and have been constantly surprised and excited to unearth great pieces by practically unknown composers. I'm starting with a few pieces by the guitarists Corbetta and Bartolotti - a short Suite in D by the former, and a great Passacaglie in A minor by the latter. In an era when the ground bass reigned supreme, Bartolotti stands out from the crowd of plucked string composers, with substantial sets where the thematically related variations develop in intensity to create convincingly shaped larger structures. Both of these composers were ingenious in their approach to the limited resources of the 17th century guitar, and whilst it is theoretically possible to read directly from the tablature, it has been worth the time and effort to  adapt these pieces to the modern instrument whilst retaining their original character.

I will be publishing much more or this sort of thing over the next little while, hope that you can find something to stimulate your musical tastes.