Corbetta Suite in A minor

My transcription of this important early guitar work is now available to download for free at my personal website. This is one of the first pieces I transcribed, and my introduction to the seductive and rarefied soundworld of the baroque guitar. My interest in this repertoire was awakened on discovering the Allemande from this suite in one of Fred Noad's anthologies. 

There have been a few versions of this work made available over the years, including editions by John Duarte and Derek Kennard. My version restores the original movements (What did 1970s editors have against Passacailles?), as Corbetta surely intended, as his book is carefully indexed and selected. I have also not yielded to the temptation of adding too many bass notes-it is my intention to retain as much of the baroque guitar character as possible without hamstringing the modern one! 

Hope you enjoy this fine example of 17th century French guitar music.