About Trove Music


Trove Music has been set up as a repository of exciting new editions of classical guitar music. Alongside my own works, I am publishing transcriptions from a wide variety of sources and styles. On this site you will find music for solo guitar, guitar duet, and various other guitar-oriented ensembles. There is also a large amount of material specifically tailored towards students of all ages.

In earlier centuries, transcription was seen as a valid approach to creating new music or breathing new life into pre-existing compositions through reconfiguring the instrumentation. Composers including J. S. Bach had no qualms about reorganising their own music or even pieces by other composers for different performance situations.

Successful transcriptions of 17th and 18th century music have long appeared in guitar programs, especially the works of J. S. Bach and D. Scarlatti, not to mention lute and vihuela works from the previous centuries. Series Phoenix is a range of high quality works from this general period transcribed for the classical guitar. The pieces are carefully chosen and faithfully transcribed from their original early guitar, lute, keyboard, harp, chamber and vocal sources. These are performance editions, and in the interests of clarity left hand fingering has been kept to the minimum, with occasional suggestions given. Original ornamentation is retained, with basic instructions given in the preface.

Series Post-Rom seeks to enlarge the available repertoire via transcriptions of works dating from the mid 19th century until the present day, including music in popular and jazz idioms.

It is hoped that these editions will broaden the available repertoire to guitarists and introduce audiences to the music of some neglected masters.